There is always time to find that –You too can sing,
but you just don’t know it yet!

If interested, you are welcome to join us at our weekly Thursday practices starting at 7.00pm at the Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church, Shelford Road.

We also run occasional singing courses and workshops for newcomers to gain a more formal introduction to Choir singing and for our own members to revise the basics.  You will be surprised at what you can achieve with a little training and guidance!       

Further advice can be obtained by contacting our  Media Officer, Bill Hill, whose Phone  No is: 07972 013614.

Each participant at workshops will have a mentor from the same vocal group (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone or Bass) to ease them into the routine, guide and help answer any questions and arrange transport if needed. 

At such courses you and our choir will be learning a number of new songs and newcomers will have their own group sessions as well as joint sessions with the main choir, so that everyone is learning from the same starting point. You will learn how to sing, how to breathe, basic music notation, new songs and the many health benefits of singing as well as the fellowship that is engendered within the choir’s social activities. 

You will be taught by our Musical Director Deborah  Davies, together with Associate Musical Director Kieran Seymour.

The 2020 course resulted in 12 new members joining the Choir, most of whom had not sung before. The course was followed, on 7th March, by a mini-concert performed by the Choir, old and new, in front of friends and families and raised £380 for Prostate Cancer Research:-

We are a  well-established charity organisation that sings for pleasure and to raise money for others.  We have sung globally and extensively in the UK, but there is no obligation to perform in public if you just wish to enjoy singing for singing’s sake.

If you have any questions or want more information about the Choir or future workshops, please join us at Thursday practices or contact via the contact page on this site. Otherwise, talk to one of our members during a concert interval or afterwards and we will answer your immediate questions.                 OR visit our Facebook site:  ROTMVC.                  OR you can contact us via email:                 

In 2018 another such training event was held on Saturday, March 17th at Lutterell Hall,  West Bridgford where these photos were taken.

On that occasion we were happy to welcome 10 visitors who braved the very inclement (snowy) weather;  The above photos and the following para, from our Media Officer, Bill Hill, gives a flavour of this event:-

The 2018 Singing Workshop, held in West Bridgford,  was an interesting experience for existing choir members and new attendees.  Throughout the day (warmly ensconced in the Lutterell Hall whilst the snow swirled around the streets outside), we were shown how current research evidence supports the assertion that singing has many health benefits as well as being a welcome social gathering.  Following the science, exercises were undertaken to raise awareness of rhythm, harmony and melody. After the audience practised several songs to put this into practice, a demonstration of the choir’s capabilities with a small set of the choir’s large repertoire was provided, before we all set out again into the cold and snowy afternoon.



Singing strengthens the immune system, it’s a workout, improving aerobic capacity and general stamina. It improves posture and helps with sleep whilst strengthening throat and palate muscles to help stop snoring! Natural anti-depressant endorphins are released which make you feel uplifted and happy. It lowers stress levels as it releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of stress hormone Cortisol to your bloodstream. Singing improves mental alertness as improved circulation and an oxygenated blood stream allow more oxygen to reach the brain improving concentration and memory. It widens your circle of friends and the bonds you form singing with others can be profound since there’s a level of trust and concentration involved. Also a good chance for a natter! 

Singing boosts your confidence making it easier to engage with others with poise and good presentation skills. It broadens communication skills improving the ability to appreciate other singers and boosts musical appreciation as understanding grows.


Yes; a win-win situation!  So to gain these advantages why not join your choir, The Radcliffe on Trent Male Voice Choir, rehearsing once a week and benefit from all there above? All for less than the cost of a gym?  Where wellbeing is concerned, it’s no coincidence that countries like Sweden and Denmark, in the top ten of the happiest countries on the planet, have the most choirs per capita! 

“That’s all very well”, we hear you say, “but I have no voice, no confidence, and can’t read music”.  Well, reading music is not essential, confidence increases with training and you’ll be taught techniques and exercises helping you follow the music and learn pieces. If you want to try but worry about not “making the grade” contact us for a chat via the website.

The Radcliffe on Trent Male Voice Choir meets Thursdays at 7.00 pm in the Methodist Church on Shelford Road.  Get in touch for more details or just turn up!

“Once someone starts singing they simply do not want to stop.”