Information for Members

Currently there are 4 items here relevant to Choir activity before Christmas: – 1. Concert Program, 2. Practice Files, 3. Stage Manager Barry’s 14th Dec. Concert Briefing.  4. Care Home sing Briefing (19th Dec).

1. shows an excerpt from the 14th December Concert program with the complete music  program for both Xmas Concerts;  ie who sings what, of Choir, Band, Children or audience, separately for Matinee and Evening. nb to get an enlarged view click within the program image.  


Bill Hill has worked very hard to assemble  a series of practice tracks both for our chosen Christmas music and beyond.  Clicking on the  link below this para brings you to Bill’s Mega Folder which has a series of subfolders the lowest of which, called XMAS 2019 contains only practice tapes of the 10 pieces we are learning for the 14th Dec.            Clicking on this reveals a grid of note practice files for each piece. these comprise separate T1 T2 B1 and B2 files plus a combined TTBB file, occasionally there are extra files, eg sung. To read the full file title hover your cursor over the grey title of any file. If you have queries best to contact Bill, I’m only the messenger!!     NB of the 60 or so files in the grid only 10 or so apply to any individual!

Choir Practice Tracks in Dropbox

3.  Stage Manager Barry Greenhalgh’s Briefing for the Christmas Concerts at St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe at 2.30pm and 7.00pm on Saturday 14th Dec 2019

Locations:                                                                                                                                   Concerts – St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe on Trent.
Changing and Afterglow -The British Legion Hall, Radcliffe.

Parking:  British Legion Carpark and nearby street parking.

Timings for Saturday:   9.30 am Work party required to set up the church with Brian Bull. (as many possible please)
1.00pm Legion Hall open to accept food for the afterglow.
1.30pm All Choristers to be in the upstairs ballroom in the Legion Hall to change / warm up.
2.30pm Start of afternoon concert.
5.30pm Food accepted again for the afterglow.
5.45pm All Choristers to be back in St Mary’s in full Choir uniform for new choir photograph.
7.00pm Start of evening concert.
8.30pm After the concert, all choristers help to reconfigure church and return equipment to the vicarage garage, prior to going to afterglow.
9.00pm Afterglow downstairs in the Legion Hall.

During the Concerts the Legion Hall will be locked, but between concerts the Hall can be used by Choristers and their wives/guests. There will be tea, coffee and milk for making drinks, but there will be no food.

Changing Facilities. The Choir can leave suit carriers upstairs in the ballroom, it is suggested that choristers come changed as the band will also have to use this room.

Equipment.  Staging 7 x lower, 7x medium staging will be required plus the MD’s podium, the Music stand,
Electrics case, and the piano light and stool and banners.
Plus, the church platform corner units.

Note. The staging will stay in the church after our concert in order that it can be used for the Junior School concert on Wed 18th Dec at 10.00am, however it will need to be moved back to the vicarage garage after the concert finishes at midday.

Stage Managers Notes:

1. It is planned that the Choir will go on stage from the Lady Chapel in the afternoon and from the side pews in the evening. (Lady Chapel side)
2. The Choir will be in 3 rows using the floor, platform and lower staging, but when singing with children will move back to sing on the platform lower and medium staging.
3. All Choristers are encouraged to bring something for the cold buffet at the afterglow, this can be any sweet or savoury items i.e. sandwiches, quichs, mince pies, cakes etc. We need a good response to be able to provide an adequate amount of food for yourselves and your guests.




4. Detail/timing for singing at care homes on 19th December from 4pm.  

The Timings for the afternoon/evening are as follows:
4.00pm Westcliffe Care Home, Shelford Rd.
4.45pm Field House Care Home. (next to Radcliffe Health Centre)
5.15pm Tudor Grange Care Home, 54 Main Rd (opposite the old Curiosity Shop)
6.00pm The Manor Care Home. (next to Manvers)
6.45pm The British Legion Club
The plan is to start the sing around at 4.00 pm prompt at the Westcliffe Care Home and work our way around the other homes finishing in the British Legion Club where sandwiches have been arranged for us at £3.00 a head.
Carol sheets will be available to the choir and audiences as required. As in previous years Christmas hats, Choir logo polo shirts etc may be worn if people wish.
Note. All the care homes are very warm, so it may be too hot for Christmas jumpers.