Information for Members

Currently (as at 28th Dec) there are 3 items here for Choir Members Info:  

  • 1. Further financial support for this years benefiting Charity.                              
  • 2. Comments from New Members re the Xmas Concerts etc.
  • 3. Info on Deborah’s Cranmer Singers Ist Feb Singing day Invitation.

1. Mrs Pearl Stanley, the secretary at Radcliffe Hall Royal British Legion Office, has kindly waived the charge due for our use of said Hall during and after the Dec 14th Charity concerts – in order to benefit BACKUP, our chosen Charity. 

2. Comments from 3 New Members re the Xmas Concert etc.                          

i) From:  Andrew Shipley B2

Thank you for the concerts and your company on Saturday. I really enjoyed myself. I am constantly grateful for the welcome that the old lags continue to give to us newbies. The generosity of the group is one of the reasons so many of us have stuck with it, I am sure. Perhaps after my first Christmas Concerts I am no longer a newby, though, come to think of it, that probably takes twenty years.

Can I give a plug to two concerts I am singing in next weekend? Some of you may want to continue carolling after Thursday. The Nottingham Harmonic’s Carol Concerts are on Saturday 21st and Monday 23rd in the Royal Concert Hall. Details are via the link below and tickets are available from the box office. There is a great programme and, if we are lucky, there will be some good music. I am sure it will be fun. It will be good to see some of you there if you can make it.   Link to Harmonic Carol Concerts

ii) From: Richard Brown T2

Hi guys,  I’m just coming up to almost a year with the choir and I just wanted to thank you all for welcoming all us new members into your world.

The Royal centre concert was great and the recent Christmas concert was an experience not to be forgotten. For me, echoes of Christmas’s past as a young choirboy were fantastic. Thank you again for helping me to revisit these memories and to become part of your community.

I’m really looking forward to going round the care homes as an informal group to bring some joy to the residents and singing next year.Embracing traditions of the choir has been a steep learning curve, when we were sitting in the church and Rod suggested that hands should be on knees, and I put my hand on his knee, I was probably being a little too flippant.

As for 2020 I’d like to wish all members the best, traditionally its out with the old and in with the new, but lots of the old is really good so we shouldn’t chuck it away. However I’d like to think that the newcomers might introduce some new ideas for 2020.

All the best for you and your families for the new year.

iii) From: John Boland-Lee (B2)

Dear All,  I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to all involved for the warm welcome we have have received as new choir members. It’s been great year and I’ve really enjoyed the practices as well as the concerts. I have two targets for 2020 : (1) to work harder at learning the words and (2) to lose a few inches so I can do up my blazer!
With best wishes to all,