Singing Courses/Workshops

We run singing courses and workshops for newcomers to gain from an introduction to Choir singing and for our own members to revise some of the basics.

Our next such event is on Saturday March 17th at Lutterell Hall, West Bridgford.                                                                   nb Click on the poster to enlarge!

The venue is very close to Central Avenue, adjacent to the Police Stn. on Church Drive.  Start time 10:00am – finishing at 4pm with a break for lunch.  This is a free event! – we just want you to experience the feel of choir singing with us.  The workshop will be led by our Musical Director Dr Michael Bonshor who is a very experienced music teacher, singer and choir specialist.


TIMETABLE  (Sat 17th March 2018)

10.15 Registration

10.30 Welcome and intro to choir, musical team and management team (Rod Haslam)

10.45 Mini-presentation (Michael)

11.15 Musical team building (Michael)

11.45 Voice work (Michael)

12.00 Singing Together (Michael)

12.30 Lunch

1.15 Songs (Michael)

2.00 Brief introduction to sheet music (Michael)

2.15 Demo ‘mini-rehearsal’ (Michael, Eleanora and gentlemen will work on You Raise Me up and Catlike Tread)

2.30 Review songs and rehearse for ‘mini-concert’ (Michael with Eleonora to play)

3.15 Break for Q & A (Michael and gentlemen)

3.30 ‘Mini-concert’

(Everyone! Will include simple songs with newcomers and 5 songs by RMVC. Songs from our repertoire will be Stouthearted Men, You Raise Me up, Catlike Tread, Georgia Brown, Rhythm of Life).

4 pm Close (Thank you and goodbye – and next steps…)



Our first singing course was held in April – June 2017 and was taught by our previous Musical Director (MD) Paul Hayward.

The first session of that free course, on 20th April 2017 attracted 14 gentlemen who, together with the established choir members, were shown posture, breathing and the basics of musical notation. By the close we had progressed to learning two new pieces, one sung in Unison and one in two parts (Tenors & Basses). By the end of the second session we had learnt and practiced singing in 4 parts Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone and Bass (TTBB), as well as some aspects of musical notation such as Tempo, piano (p) and forte (f).

Over a dozen gentlemen attended each of the succeeding sessions, one of whom, Bill Hill, kindly penned these comments via the Cropwell Butler Newsletter:

Intrigued by the offer of being taught to sing (doesn’t it come naturally to everyone?) I went along on Thursday the 20th for the first night of this endeavour.
The newcomers were immediately integrated into the appropriate section, depending on our perceived vocal range (Tenor 1 and 2, Baritone and Bass) I was classed as a Tenor 2 (wasn’t Pavarotti a Tenor? – things were looking good). After a short history of the choir and how to stand properly to sing we were straight into it! A small warm up piece to loosen us up for the main event, Panis Angelicus, an interesting piece with multi-part harmony and in LATIN! Fortunately, we were given an idiot’s guide to speaking Latin and off we went. Considering that the last time I sang was at school, I didn’t overly embarrass myself and the conductor was impressed with all of us. I was hard work though, especially with some tricky melodic variations. Still we all agreed it went well as we recovered in the Royal Oak!

The last two sessions were on 25th May 2017 and 8th of June 2017, at 7pm in the Methodist Church, Shelford Rd., Radcliffe on Trent.  At the latter, the Course was drawn to a close with an informal Concert, presentation of Certificates and a social for friends and partners in the Royal Oak.

Many thanks to all who attended and the seven new members who have joined to date – we look forward to seeing some of the others join us too.