About Us

We are always happy to welcome visitors at our weekly practices which are normally held at the Methodist Church, Shelford Road,   Radcliffe-on-Trent on every Thursday between 7:00pm and 9.30pm, after which we spend an hour or so at the local hostelry rehydrating. We are currently almost 50 strong, sing in 4 part harmony and  have a wide repertoire ranging from sacred and opera to folk and popular music.

NB  Due to the current COVID situation our choir is not meeting or singing together but we hope to  be able to reconvene later this year.

A vital member of our musical Team is our accompanist Eleonora Babitsky.  Eleonora was born and trained in the former Soviet Union where she performed on Soviet Radio and as a highly sought after accompanist with many prestigious string assembles.  We are extremely fortunate and privileged that she has been our accompanist for the past 20 years! 

We are continuously seeking to increase our membership and to this end held  an eight week Singing Course in early 2019. This was well attended and resulted in 12 new members joining us and incidentally, served as reminders to some of us long term members!

As well as formal singing the Choir has a social scene in the company of friends and partners too.  Some of the peripheral activities are Walks,  Dinners,  Golf,  Bowls and Sailing,   last year having the form of a cross channel excursion to the Channel Islands.

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